African Safari Decorations for Conference Hall (Ideas that Will Inspire Everyone in the Event)

Hosting business conferences and events in Africa is a tricky task. If you are not accommodating the designs and theme of the African safari in your conference, it will seem that you are just holding the conference in your office.

You have to decorate the conference hall as per the safari theme so that the participants can fully enjoy the experience and thrill that comes with the MICE travel.

Here are the tips that you need to consider to decorate the business conference destination on an African safari MICE travel.

Choose the Color Scheme Wisely to Perfectly Decorate African Safari Conference Hall

Incorporating unique and captivating themes will always leave a lasting impression on attendees. In order to inspire your conference participants, you will need to transform a conference hall into a captivating safari haven where MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) travelers can immerse themselves in an extraordinary experience.

And colors play the most important role in transforming the conference place.

Draw inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and encounters with wildlife that define this experience.

Opt for a color palette that embraces the earthy tones found in the African savannah. Warm browns reminiscent of the rich soil, sandy beiges that evoke the vast desert, lush greens inspired by the abundant foliage, and vibrant oranges reminiscent of the setting sun can help recreate the captivating ambiance of the safari.


Here is the genral color scheme that you would like to use on a African safari conference

In addition to the color palette, integrating patterns and prints in the conference rooms will add depth and character to the conference hall decor.

Animal prints, such as leopard spots or zebra stripes, can instantly evoke the wildness of the African wilderness.

These patterns and prints can be incorporated into upholstery, curtains, cushions, or even carpets, infusing the conference hall with the spirit of the safari.

And what about Tribal motifs? That is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the continent and brings a sense of authenticity and storytelling to the space.

Get The Walls and Floors Inspired By Safari

To create an immersive African safari experience in the conference hall, it is essential to transform the walls into a canvas that transports attendees to the heart of the African wilderness. There are several ways to achieve this

Breathtaking Wildlife Murals

Adorn the walls with larger-than-life wildlife murals that showcase the majestic animals synonymous with the African safari. Choose impressive depictions of lions, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, or zebras, capturing their beauty and strength. These murals can serve as focal points, adding a sense of awe and adventure to the conference hall.

African-Inspired Artwork

Incorporate African-inspired artwork that celebrates the diverse cultures and landscapes of the continent. Look for paintings, photographs, or sculptures that showcase the vibrant colors, rich textures, and unique traditions of Africa. This artwork can be strategically placed throughout the conference hall, adding cultural depth and visual interest.

Textured Wallpapers

Try to use textured wallpapers to mimic the rustic charm of African landscapes. Opt for designs that resemble the weathered textures of rocks, the organic patterns of tree bark, or the woven textures of traditional African textiles. These wallpapers add depth and authenticity to the space, evoking the rugged beauty of the safari.

Themed Backdrops

Create captivating backdrops that transport attendees to iconic African scenes. Consider installing large-scale props, such as life-sized trees, grassy plains, or dense jungles, against the walls. Combine them with theatrical materials like fabric drapes, foliage, and even artificial rocks to enhance the immersive effect. These backdrops can serve as photo opportunities or stage settings, enhancing the overall safari ambiance.

Have a Special Focus on Seating Arrangements and Furniture

Selecting setting arrangements and furniture pieces that reflect the natural and rustic elements of the safari theme is key to bringing a majestic experience to the conference hall. Here is what you can do here.

Wooden and Wicker Furniture

Try to put chairs, tables, and lounges made from natural materials like wood or wicker. These materials not only add an earthy and organic touch but also evoke a sense of authenticity and adventure. Look for furniture designs that feature intricate weaving or carved details reminiscent of African craftsmanship.

Comfortable Seating

Arrange the seating in a way that maximizes the safari ambiance while ensuring comfort for attendees during conference sessions. For this, use plush cushions or upholstered seating options to enhance comfort and relaxation. Incorporating ergonomic designs and supportive seating arrangements will help attendees stay engaged and focused throughout the event.

Cozy Seating Areas

To create a unique setting that resembles African safari camps, try incorporating cozy seating areas within the conference hall. Arrange clusters of chairs and low tables adorned with decorative elements like cushions, rugs, and safari-themed accessories. These intimate seating areas provide spaces for participants to relax, network, and have informal discussions, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Flexibility and Versatility

Opt for furniture that offers flexibility and versatility. Modular seating arrangements can be rearranged to accommodate different event formats or group sizes. Additionally, consider incorporating foldable or stackable furniture options, allowing for easy storage and efficient use of space when needed.

Creating the right lighting and ambiance is essential to set the mood for an African safari-inspired conference hall. This is how you can do it:

Warm, Ambient Lighting

Emulate the golden glow of the African savannah by using warm, ambient lighting throughout the conference hall. Choose light fixtures with warm color temperatures to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Soft lighting helps to evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquility, enhancing the overall safari ambiance.

Dimmers and Accent Lighting

Incorporate dimmers and accent lighting to add depth and highlight specific areas or objects in the conference hall. Use directional spotlights or track lighting to draw attention to important features, such as artwork, murals, or decorative elements. Accent lighting creates focal points that contribute to the overall immersive experience and adds visual interest.

Sunset-inspired Lighting Effects

To create a truly magical experience, consider incorporating lighting effects that mimic the changing hues of a safari sunset. Use warm orange or golden lighting to simulate the mesmerizing colors of the setting sun. Gradually dim the lights or introduce subtle color transitions to replicate the gradual transition from day to night. This creates an enchanting atmosphere and transports attendees to the captivating beauty of an African sunset.

Natural Light Integration

If possible, maximize the use of natural light during daytime events. Large windows or skylights can provide a connection to the outdoors and allow natural light to fill the conference hall. Natural light creates a refreshing and energizing environment, enhancing the overall ambiance and reducing reliance on artificial lighting sources.

Adjustable Lighting Control

Provide adjustable lighting control options to accommodate different activities and preferences. Allow for flexibility in lighting settings, enabling organizers to adjust the intensity and color temperature based on the event schedule or specific requirements. This customization ensures that the lighting perfectly complements the desired atmosphere and enhances the overall experience.

Miscellaneous Ideas to Decorate Your African Safari Conference Hall

Here are more ways that you can adopt to make your conference hall look exceptional.

Decorative Accessories

Accessorize the conference hall with African-inspired decor to enrich the safari theme. This is so important as decorating the conference hall with safari-themed stuff will keep your employees remembering that they are on MICE travel. They will be able to better focus on the conference, which will make them more productive.

For this purpose, you have to put animal prints, tribal artifacts, or safari-themed sculptures strategically throughout the space. Place tribal masks or handcrafted artifacts on display shelves or as table centerpieces. Integrate woven baskets, animal skin rugs, or safari-inspired textiles to add texture and authenticity to the surroundings.

Floral and Greenery

Bring the lushness of African landscapes indoors by incorporating native African plants and flowers. Use potted palms, exotic succulents, or vibrant blooms to add freshness and natural beauty to the conference hall. Try to incorporate indigenous grasses and foliage, such as pampas grass or elephant ear plants, to mimic the wildness of the African savannah and create a vibrant atmosphere.


Adding different types of flora and fauna theme also inspires your audience in conference hall

Audiovisual Enhancements

Engage your employees’ senses through well-planned audiovisual enhancements. Incorporate audio elements such as wildlife sounds or ambient nature sounds to transport participants to the heart of the African wilderness. Consider video projections of stunning African landscapes to create an immersive backdrop during presentations. High-quality projectors, screens, sound systems, and lighting arrangements are essential to effectively showcase presentations and visual displays.

Branding Elements

Branding your company at the African safari conference will open new doors of opportunities for you. In fact, branding the company in Africa is one of the primary reasons to make MICE travel.

Add your company’s brand elements into the conference hall decor seamlessly. Use their logos, colors, and typography throughout the space to create a cohesive experience. You can also use branded signage, banners, digital displays, and materials strategically to reinforce the corporate customer’s brand identity and establish a professional environment.

Brand Messaging

Strategically display the corporate customer’s key messages or slogans within the conference hall. Utilize digital screens, posters, or banners to reinforce their brand identity and communication goals. Incorporate these elements in common areas, entrance ways, or near registration counters to maximize visibility and impact.

Signage and Wayfinding

Ensure clear and prominent signage throughout the conference hall. Directional signs, room labels, and branded signboards should guide attendees effortlessly while reinforcing the corporate customer’s brand. Thoughtfully designed wayfinding elements contribute to a professional and well-organized event experience.

Branded Collateral

Provide attendees with branded collateral that aligns with the corporate customer’s branding. Offer personalized notepads, pens, folders, and merchandise that showcase their logo and event details. These branded materials create a cohesive atmosphere, foster brand recognition, and serve as valuable assets for participants.

Decorating the conference hall of an African safari MICE event must be done with extreme care. A little bit of wrong decoration can completely mess things up.

This is the reason you need to have a professional conference hall management team that can do it for you while you are focused on the actual deal.

Posire is one such company that will help you in decorating your conference hall in an African safari style.

We have worked in countless MICE events, which makes us qualified to carry out this task. Here is what we have done for our client previously in arranging for the best decorative conference hall on an African MICE safari trip.

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So, this is the time to make your conference hall look decorative with an African style that will make your MICE event extremely professional.

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